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Opinions, Views and Speeches Archive


26 March 2008

Local Transport Bill 2nd reading contribution


11 March 2008

Westminster Hall Debate


21 May 2007

Second reading speech


30 March 2007

On Friday 30th March 2007 Angela gave the keynote address at the launch of the Sheffield Condition Management Programme


31 January 2007

Angela took part in a debate on SEN provision in the Commons today, during which she told MP's that LEA's needed to listened parents more.....


29 January 2007

Angela meets planners regarding new homes


9 January 2007

9th January saw Angela Smith MP raise concerns over this scheme


24 May 2006

This Bill, I believe offers a step change in the education of our young and will provide opportunities for all schools to aim for excellence, and for all children to fulfil their potential and as such I was pleased to offer it my support.


14 March 2006

Adjournment debate Westminster Hall


27 January 2006

Angela Smith talks about employment and training opportunities for women in the construction industry.


6 June 2005

Angela Smith MP gives a Speech on the 2nd reading of the NERC Bill


24 May 2005

Angela Smith MP today made her first speech in the House of Commons. She spoke warmly of Hillsborough and her pride of being the area new MP

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