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Angela Smith MP (Hillsborough) meets Angela Smith MP (Basildon)

Angela Smith MP for Hillsborough meets Angela Smith MP for Basildon Angela Smith MP, Hillsborough’s new Member of Parliament came across her first dilemma in an exciting first week at Westminster when she met another Labour MP with the same name.

This Angela Smith has represented Basildon since 1997. Besides the obvious problems of mixed up mail there is the more serious matter of constituents getting the wrong Angela Smith. Both MPs are asking people who contact them to make sure they put the constituency name after their name in any correspondence. For instance, in the case of the Sheffield MP, please address all correspondence to Angela Smith MP (Sheffield Hillsborough).

Angela Smith (Sheffield Hillsborough) had this to say :-
“This is a problem I have had to face once or twice with a second name such as Smith. Already I’ve had Angela Smith’s (Basildon) mail and other things. I’m sure once everyone gets used to their being two of us things will settle down, but please if you write to me make sure you put the constituency name after mine to make sure I get it straight away.”

The website for Angela Smith, MP for Basildon and East Thurrock can be found below :-

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