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Wind Farm Proposals for Westwood Park and Hunshelf Bank

I believe we are all committed to increasing the amount of energy provided by wind power. However, does this mean the proposals to look at Westwood Park as a possible location is good idea? To help me answer this this I would like your input.

Also, a feasibility study is being completed on a possible Wind Farm on Hunshelf Bank on the Barnsley boarder. These turbines would, if they are approved overlook Stocksbridge, therefore it is also important people in the town make their views known regarding these proposals.

So that I can better understand people’s concerns regarding both these proposals I would like visitors to my site to complete the survey below.

Please complete all of the following questions before you submit your response.

1) Do you think Wind Turbines offer an important contribution towards reducing carbon emissions ?


2) Do you think Westwood Park would make a good location for a Wind Farm?


3) Do you think Hunshelf Bank would make a good location for a Wind Farm?


4) Do you think there ought to be a minimum distance between wind farms and peolpe's homes ?


5) Do you think the benefits of wind generated energy outweigh the consideration the potential damge to the natural environment ?


6) should wind farm planning applications be treated more leniently  when it comes to decisions about building in the green belt  ?


7) Should the views the of local people be considered before any proposal is taken to the next step ?


8) Would you like to be kept informed regarding these proposals at Westwood Park and Hunshelf Bank ?


8) Please use the space below to make any further comments on wind farms generally or these particular sites ?

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