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The Angela Smith MP Survey 2009 Results

Below are the results of my recent survey. I would like to thank all those who took the time to respond. The findings are helping me tremendously to represent your views in Westminster.

For a downloadable version go here

Which of the following statements do you agree with? What would you consider the most serious problem for you?
How greatly do you feel life has been affected by rising utility bills? Do you feel the government is doing enough to counter international energy prices?
Do you worry about losing your job?

Transport and Travel

Should road tax on new cars be based on how much CO2 they produce? Do you share, or are you a member of a car sharing club?
Do you walk to work, or walk your children to school? If yes, how many times a week do you do this?
Do you use public transport?  If yes, which do you use most often? 
Considering public transport, how do you feel about the following? 


Should police have powers to 'stop & search' in our local community, including schools?  Have you ever been a victim of crime?, If yes, what have you experienced? 


Our Homes

Is there enough housing to rent in your area? Do you feel there should be more opportunities for part-rent/part-mortgage properties?
Who do you think the government should support?


The government has introduced a points system to ensure workers from outside the EU can only work in the UK if there is a shortage of British workers with particular skills, Do you think this is a good idea? As we are members of the EU, it is possible for workers from the EU to travel to other EU countries and find work. Are you happy with this?
It is also possible fro citizens from other EU countries to travel to the UK and find work. Are you happy with this legislation?

Welfare Reform

Proposals to reform those on long-term job seeker's allowance to participate in compulsory community service work according to their ability? Plans to reform incapacity benefit, with people claiming disability benefits to be supported where appropriate?
Lone parents with children are to be encouraged to look for work according to their ability, once their children reach suitable age?

Profiles of respondents

Employment status
Age profile of respondents Gender profile of respondents'
Housing Tenure