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Angela Smith MP calls for full investigation into Chapelgreen College

Angela Smith MP for Sheffield, Hillsborough has today called for a full and independent investigation into the financial affairs of Chapelgreen Community College in High Green.
The college which collapsed in October, leaving students out of pocket without a course, is alleged to have financial irregularities by former members of the college.
The college was in receipt of public monies from both Sheffield City Council and the Learning and Skills Council, both of which were withdrawn early this year.
In 2004 Sheffield City Council commissioned an independent financial audit into the college; they made 73 recommendations for action.
With receivers now being called in Angela Smith MP is calling for a full investigation to examine the allegations of wrong doing being made by former members of Chapelgreen College.
Angela comments that: “Today I have contacted the Minister of State for Lifelong Learning, Bill Ramell MP asking for a full and frank independent inquiry into the affairs of Chapelgreen College.”
“Over a number of years very serious allegations have been made over misappropriation of public funds and other potential criminal activities. I believe it is now time these allegations are looked into and brought out into the open, if true.”
“For this reason I am asking The Minister to look into this matter as soon as possible.”
“However, the unfortunate thing about this whole sorry episode is that the people who are really paying the price for the collapse are the students. It is these people who are, quite often in desperate need of this sort of adult education and this failure will hit them hardest. I am particularly sorry that adult mental health students have lost their courses and the much needed social contact these provided. ”
“What ever happens I will be campaigning to make sure some sort of adult education provision is provided in the Chapel Green area and that this time it is properly run for the benefit of the people that really matter, the people of Chapel Green.”

Issued : 7 November 2005

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