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Donít lower the voting age, local people tell MP

88% of constituents who responded to a recent survey by Angela said that 16 year olds should not be given the vote; this was just one of surprises of the recent survey Angela carried in north Sheffield.

Another surprise was that while a majority of respondents replied saying they would like to see changes made to the House of Lords, it was more evenly balanced when it came to how they wanted those members selected, with around 45% of people saying they wanted a mixture of an elected and appointed upper chamber and around the same percentage of people saying it should be completely elected.

Another surprise out come was that a majority of respondents, 53% in fact, wanted to see compulsory voting, with 43% of people against such a move.

Commenting on the results, Angela, said,

"While the returns cannot be seen as a definitive view of constituents because of course they are not weighted for the profile of the constituency they do give an insight into peopleís views.

Some of the results are very surprising, while others, such as wanting to see more power devolved locally, are understandable. The result will certainly help me in the coming months to represent the views of constituents as the debate on constitutional reform continues. I would like to thank all those who responded to this survey and all my other surveys, they do help me understand what the people of north Sheffield are thinking.Ē

Issued : 17 November 2009

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