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MP welcomes extra money to help long-term unemployed into work

Angela welcomes extra money to help long-term unemployed into work

Today the Government announced extra funding of over £1 million for Sheffield and £600,000 for Barnsley to tackle long-term worklessness, and ensure that no-one is left behind during the recession and everyone can benefit as the upturn happens.

Labour controlled Barnsley is already using its existing neighbourhood fund to double the length of time of a Future Jobs Funds placement to a year. This extra money will give even more help to people who need it.

While the number of long-term jobless families across the country has been reduced by 13 per cent over the last ten years, this funding demonstrates the current governments commitment to tackling entrenched worklessness and steps up action to support the remaining 73,000 back into work.

The funding has been welcomed by Angela as a crucial part of the local ‘Real Help Now and investment for areas that need it most.

Angela said:

“This is good news from the Labour Government. It’s giving Barnsley and Sheffield extra help to those who need it most. It’s helping people get the skills, connecting them to jobs and creating new opportunities.

“Tackling long-term worklessness is not easy. Some people have complex circumstances or face particular challenges, but this funding shows Labour is determined to do more to help those who haven’t had a job. They need to know they have not fallen through the net or been written off.”

Communities Secretary, John Denham MP said:

“In past recessions the Conservative let people get left behind and today David Cameron is opposed to Labour’s fiscal stimulus to help people during the downturn. He would let the recession take its course whatever the consequences on families and communities.

“Even in the downturn hundreds of thousands of people are getting jobs. This funding shows even those out of work for years are not being left behind as they were under the Tories.

“We’re determined to make sure that this will never happen again. Labour is continuing to help, putting in additional investment, like the £40m Working Neighbourhood Fund announcement today, and we are asking local councils to take immediate action.

“Now more than ever people need to know system is fair and that we are doing everything we can to give every person, a fair chance to realise their potential in life.”

“The Tories will write people off. Labour will not”

Angela, has also challenged the Lib Dems the led Sheffield City Council to be honest, saying,

“While Lib Dem Councils like Sheffield have bid for Labour’s new investment like the Future Jobs Fund or are gladly receiving WNF they haven’t had the honesty to tell local people that none of this investment would have happened if it had been for a Labour Government.”

Issued : 13 November 2009

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