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Better Trains for the North

Local MP and influential member of the Transport Select Committee recently led a debate in the House of Commons calling for the north to prioritised in future rail investment.

During the debate she told fellow MPs that improvement to the north’s rail infrastructure was vital and that it would be worth billions to the areas economy. As part of the package she said that the proposed high speed lines needed to intersect the north connecting the major urban areas of Sheffield, Manchester and Leeds, with the old Woodhead route being ideally placed to do just that. She also called for improvements to Midland Mainline with electrification being of the line being a priority.

The debate which was well attended by a number of MPs from the north and gained cross party support had been called by Angela to highlight the need for improvements to rail capacity in the region. In what she has dubbed ‘Crossrail’ of the north she believes it is vital the case is made loudly to government that the north’s need for these improvements is vital to the country.

Commenting on the debate Angela Said,

“Improvements to the north’s rail infrastructure are vital for all the regions of the north, including Yorkshire. Improvements could be worth billions to local economies. However, the case for these improvements needs to be made now and need to be made loudly. It is important the regions major cities are connected to the proposed high speed lines and London if we are to see businesses grow and jobs created. This in my view means that a line across the Pennines is seriously considered with the Woodhead being a prime candidate for such a route.

“It is also vital we see the electrification of Midland Mainline as soon as possible, for too long this route has been the Cinderella of routes and improvement is long over due.

“There is no doubt in my mind the future of travel is by rail and it now that we have to make the case for the north in this future.”

Issued : 30 June 2009

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