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Peak District Mountain Rescue Organisation

Last Sunday (19th July) three local members of parliament managed to get themselves lost on Kinder Scout ( for a very worthwhile cause) and it required the assistance of the four High Peak mountain rescue teams to bring them safely back to the valley.
Tom Levitt, MP for High Peak had invited Charlotte Atkins, MP for Staffordshire Moorlands and Angela Smith, MP for Sheffield Hillsborough, to join him for a walk on Kinder Scout. Unfortunately, a mishap occurred resulting in a call-out for Buxton, Kinder, Glossop and Edale mountain rescue teams.
The event was planned to raise money for and highlight the work of mountain rescue teams, raising awareness both publicly and, more importantly, in the Houses of Parliament. Tom Levitt has been leading a campaign for mountain rescue to be recognised as an emergency service with greater support from central government, indeed he promoted the concept of a Minister for Mountain Rescue in a recent parliamentary debate.
He has also been highlighting the ridiculous rules which mean that voluntary rescue teams, funded entirely by charity, have to pay 15% VAT on nearly everything they buy, which is used solely to locate and recover distressed and injured people in the Peak District countryside.
Mountain rescue has no political bias or affiliation but welcomes support from all quarters in its ongoing campaign to ensure that every penny of publicly donated money goes towards providing the service for which it was given. Mountain rescue has a minority voice at national level in the world of rescue and public safety, the responsibility for the many roles undertaken by teams are split across several government departments. Political support for the volunteer teams is therefore very important and may help influence decisions on a variety of issues from radio licensing to operational accident insurance.
Tom, Charlotte and Angela called for help early on Sunday morning and the four teams with the help of two search dogs used the event as a very useful training exercise in search co-ordination and casualty evacuation. No other emergency services were involved.
The four High Peak teams are grateful for the commitment shown by our local MPs in promoting mountain rescue and at the same time raising a little cash for the regional co-ordination group, the Peak District Mountain Rescue Organisation. This regional body represents seven rescue teams covering the Peak District National Park and surrounding areas, both the Search & Rescue Dog Association and the Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation are also affiliated. To support the event visit:

Issued : 22 July 2009

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