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Angela Slams City Planners

On hearing Sheffield City Council planners are recommending approval of a development in the Green Belt at Hollin Busk in Deepcar, local MP Angela Smith has said she will be recommending a public enquiry takes place into any possible development.

The development for housing that is proposed would be in contravention of Green Belt policy and as such she believes a pubic enquiry would be fully justified.

While she is in favour of eco development, Angela does not believe this development provides the exceptional circumstances required for a deviation from green belt policy.

Commenting on the proposals Angela said,
“Green Belt policy was put in place to protect our countryside and to stop encroachment of urban areas into it. This principle should in my view be adhered to and the fact these properties are eco properties is immaterial. This is not to say I’m against the building of this sort of property, I am not, but we cannot use eco status as an excuse to give developers the right to destroy our green spaces. Of course we need more affordable homes in the area, but plans for extra housing have always focused on the valley floor, on the Corus site.

“As a consequence I will be recommending to the Government Office of Yorkshire and the Humber that any decision to build on this land is taken to a full Public Inquiry”


Issued : 12 June 2009

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