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Angela Smith MP recycles Christmas cards to help fund tree planting

Angela Smith MP has joined with the Woodland Trust create new woods by recycling her Christmas cards at Tesco’s in Chapeltown.

Cards can be recycled, throughout January, in bins at WHSmith, Tesco, TK Maxx and Marks & Spencer.

All of the cards collected during the campaign are taken to paper mills where they are recycled into brand new paper products, with money raised helping the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity plant thousands of trees.

Last year 73.6 million cards were recycled which enabled the Woodland Trust plant 17,000 trees in some of its 1,000 UK woods.

Angela Smith MP said:

Since the scheme was founded 12 years ago more than 600 million cards have been recycled which has enabled the charity to plant 140,000 trees.

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The Woodland Trust: The Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity. It has 300,000 members and supporters. The Trust has four key aims: i) No further loss of ancient woodland; ii) Restoring and improving the biodiversity of woods; iii) Increasing new native woodland; iv) Increasing people’s understanding and enjoyment of woodland.

The Woodland Trust Christmas Card Recycling Scheme.
The cards collected in stores are taken to WHSmith, Tesco, TK Maxx and M&S depots, where they are collected by their own recycling agents (Severnside for Tesco, SCA Recycling for WHSmith and TK Maxx, and GSS for M&S). The cards are then graded and taken to recycling plants where they are treated and eventually turned into new products such as tissue paper, photocopy paper or corrugated cardboard.

Recycling Credits
Money is raised through recycling credits. A recycling credit is the value of the saving made by the County Council in NOT having to landfill any household waste that is recycled. The County Council chooses to pay this saving in disposal costs back to any voluntary or community groups that are involved in collecting household waste for recycling (in the case of the CCRS – the Woodland Trust) because they wish to promote recycling in their area.

Issued : 16 January 2009

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