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LOCAL MP Angela Smith was disappointed to hear today that Post Office Counters are confirming the closure of two Post Offices in her constituency, in Loxley and Deepcar.

However, she is joining other Labour MPs in Sheffield in calling on Post Office Counters to give these Post Offices due to close a period of grace before a final decision is made. The purpose of this would be to give Sheffield City Council a chance to work up a solution to take over the running of these branches.

Commenting on the closures Angela, said, “I am really disappointed that Post Office Counters has not listened to the arguments I and other local people put forward to keep these 2 post offices open. I believe they have made the wrong decision.

However, in conjunction with Sheffield’s other Labour MPs, I am contacting Post Office Counters to ask for a period of grace before a final decision is made to close these Post Offices. I think it is right Sheffield City Council is given time to work up a solution to take over the running of these Post Offices. This has happened in other areas of the country and I think it should happen here.

I will offer my support if proposals can be forward by Sheffield City Council which could offer long term support to these 2 post offices.”

Both Post Offices were earmarked for closure in the recent programme announced by Post Office Counters. Angela Smith MP responded to the consultation with her view that the topography of North Sheffield and the lack of public transport to alternative branches meant these two Post Offices should remain open.

Issued : 14 October 2008

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