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North Sheffield says no to bus cuts

The services are shortly to be altered, leaving many people, especially those less able to get around, without a bus services close by.

With the 201 service connecting many isolated communities together in the north of the city, Angela feels the cuts being proposed could isolate many people, leaving vulnerable pensioners trapped in their homes. This is because it is one of the few buses which goes up the valley sides, making it a life line for such people.

The S1 and S2 have only been running for a few short months and are the only buses that run right into the heart of the northern General Hospital, which for those who find it difficult to walk is a godsend.

As a result of the petition Angela will be meeting transport bosses to put the case for not cutting these services.

Commenting on the petition, Angela said, I think the strength of feeling amongst users of these services is there for everyone to see. Around 1000 users of these services are saying they dont want to lose them.

I will be calling on transport officials at South Yorkshire Transport to take these views into consideration when I meet them. As a first step they should stop the proposed changes until at least a full evaluation and consultation has taken with all users, especially those who rely on them to get about.

Angela hands in her petition to the SYPTE

Angela hands in her petition to the SYPTE

Issued : 14 July 2008

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