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Anyone looking at the Flats can see the poor condition they are in. Paint work is flaking away and they generally look untidy.

Further, there seems to be a degree of confusion in the community about who is responsible for the upkeep of the flats, whether it is South Yorkshire Housing Association or Sheffield Homes. However, local MP, Angela Smith is now calling for them to renovated, before it’s too late. The lack of investment is having a negative impression on the local environment and she feels they need to be upgraded.

Commenting on the condition of the flats, Angela, said,
“These flats are quite honestly an eyesore at the moment. The paint is flaking off and they generally make the area un-cared for. I know ‘High Greeners’ have a lot of pride in their area and these flats let the area down. I have therefore asked Sheffield Homes to renovate the flats and bring them back to a condition that will allow them to be an asset to High Green.
I now await their response with interest, as do my constituents in the High Green area.”
The Fosters is a ten-storey block of 34 spacious two bedroom flats, constructed in the early 1960s, with retail units and a caretaker’s flat on the ground floor, plus telecommunication aerials on the roof.

In the mid-1990s, the block was again in poor condition and hard to let. However, SYHA had an allocation of Temporary Social Housing Grant from the Housing Corporation available to spend on improvements, so the decision was taken by Sheffield City Council to lease the block to SYHA at a peppercorn rent for a 10-year period.

Issued : 1 July 2008

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