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Sheffield Hillsborough MP, Angela SMith today spoke of her fears that the two school solution favoured by the new council could mean looking again how resources from government ear marked for rebuilding secondary schools in Sheffield is spent.

It could mean that plans presently being drawn up to rebuild and refurbish other local schools, such as Stocksbridge High, could be dramatically reduced. She feels this would be unfair on the children attending such schools and that this impact should be taken into consideration by Sheffield City Council.

A further concern is that keeping two schools does not answer the real problem of falling rolls. To make the two schools viable in the medium term the running costs will have to be met from the budgets of all the other schools in the city, meaning less money being spent on other children in neighbouring schools.

The proposed Lib Dem policy would also bring with it an expansion of places in the Hillsborough area, which means they could impact on pupil numbers in neighbouring schools such as Bradfield and King Edward VII.

Commenting on her fears, Angela said, I believe it would totally unfair and unacceptable that schools such as Stocksbridge or Bradfield might suffer because of a political decision made on the back of an unsustainable promise made in the heat of the local election campaign. It is important that we are mindful of all the schools in the city when planning the future education of our children. The plans being presently put forward by the new Lib Dem council could put at risk the education of children at other schools. That is something which should not happen and I call on the new council to consider all the communities of the north of the city on this issue.

Issued : 24 June 2008

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