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Fed up with cuts in bus services in the north of the Sheffield, Angela Smith has launced a petition to stop the proposed alterations to the 201, S1 and S2 services.

ďThese latest cuts are just not acceptable, says Angela Smith. The 201 service connects many isolated communities together. Without it many vulnerable pensioners will be trapped in their homes. Because this service is one of the few buses which goes up the valley sides for many it is a life line. Further, what I donít understand is that the S1 and S2 have only been running for a few short months and now they are to be withdrawn. These 2 services are the only ones that many can catch right into the heart of the northern General Hospital. I donít think the proposed changes are right, I think they will have a disproportionate affect on those who rely on bus services the most, the elderly and the vulnerable.Ē

The 201 at present connects Worrall, Oughtibridge and Wharncliffe Side to Stocksbridge, Sheffield and Meadowhall. If the proposed changes go ahead on the 21st July the service will no longer do this.

As for the S1 and S2 services the worry is that these services will be removed totally.

Many believe the figures being used to justify the alterations are wrong. Local people claim drivers are not acknowledging pensioner passengers. As a result, there could be 18 passengers using the bus, 17 pensioners and 1 paying the fare with only the paying passenger being recorded.

Angela Smithís petition can be found at Worrall and Wharncliffe Side Post Offices and at the general stores in Oughtibridge, as well as at the luncheon club in Oughtibridge, held at the United Reform Church. It is also available to sign at the advice centre on Station Road Chapeltown.

You can also make your views known on Angela Smithís website at , by email on, or write to her at the MPís Office, Hillsborough Library, Middlewood Road, Sheffieild, S6 4HD.

Issued : 1 July 2008

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