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Angela Smith MP, whose Sheffield Hillsborough constituency was badly affected by the floods in June, has just submitted her views to the Flood review team in the Cabinet Office.

This team has been set up by the government to examine how to reduce the risk and impact of floods, the vulnerability of critical infrastructure, the emergency response, and the transition to recovery.

Commenting on her submission, Angela Smith said, I felt it was important and appropriate as a MP whose constituency was affected to let the review team know how the people of Hillsborough felt about the response to the floods by the authorities. From the conversations I have had many of my constituents considered the authorities did well in some areas. However, there are things they felt could have been done better and can learn lessons from.
In her submission Angela praises Gold Command for the sterling job they did on 25th June in very trying circumstances. However, Angela also states that in the weeks afterwards the local authority could have done some things better and quicker.

Noting also that the local water management system was completely overwhelmed by the flood waters, Angela has submitted that there ought to be a lead authority responsible for maintenance.

Angela has also informed the team that some people in her constituency have experienced problems with loss adjusters and that the team should investigate these concerns further.

Angela would also like to point out that the review would be interested to know the views of anybody who has been affected by the floods and that a website has been set setup for people to make comments, this can be found at

Angela is recommending anyone who was affected to make their comments known to the team.

For more details please contact Angela at her constituency office on 0114 2312889.

Sheffield Floods

Sheffield Floods

Issued : 16 October 2007

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