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SHEFFIELD HILLSBOROUGH MP, Angela Smith has today called for more affordable homes to be built in her constituency.

With house prices reaching levels which are out of reach to many buyers, especially first time buyers, the need for more affordable homes is now paramount. In her constituency the average price of an house is now in the region of £160, 000 and rising, without more affordable housing many will see the dream of owning their own home remain just that.

Following on the theme of the recently announced government green paper, Homes for the future: more affordable, more sustainable, Angela Smith is also calling on the Council to increase the total number of homes to be built with more emphasis to be placed on family homes both for renting, and buying.

Commenting on her response, Ms Smith said, “The lack of affordable housing is a major issue for many; bput especially young couples, who are finding it increasingly difficult to find an affordable home. The Government has recognised this with the proposals it is looking to bring forward in its Green Paper on housing.”

“In my response to the City Councils Preferred Options consultation I am asking Sheffield City Council to take account of this green paper and increase not only the number of affordable houses it asks developers to provide as part of developments but the number of brownfield sites it is making available for house building. Without more housing in general and affordable housing in particular being built I am concerned that in the future young couples and others will not be able to get their foot on the housing ladder and that is something we should all want to avoid.”

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Issued : 25 July 2007

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