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ANGELA SMITH MP TODAY WELCOMED THE BUDGET unveiled by Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown, as “a Budget for Britain’s families, showing Labour is best for Hillsborough”.

“Chancellor Gordon Brown today delivered a Budget for British families.

“Gordon Brown announced that spending on public services is set to increase with spending on education rising to its highest ever level. This will be good news for schools here in Sheffield and confirms that education remains Labour’s number one priority.

“And there was good news for hardworking families as well with more help with the costs of bringing up children.

“Child Benefit will rise over the next three years to £20 a week. In 1997 Child Benefit was just £575 a year. Now, under plans announced today by Gordon Brown, Child Benefit will be over £1,000 a year by 2010.

“The Government passionately believes that every child deserves the best possible start. Today, Gordon Brown announced an increase in the child element of the Child Tax Credit by £150 per year.

“On top of this Gordon Brown was able to announce he was cutting of the basic rate of income tax from 22 pence to 20 pence from April 2008.

“The contribution of those who have built our country and raised families in the past was also recognised in today’s Budget. Increases in pensioners’ tax allowance will take 600,000 pensioners out of paying income tax altogether, as we move forward to restore the earnings link for the basic state pension.

“This budget is good for Sheffield, good for the country and good for ordinary working families.”

Issued : 21 March 2007

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