Deputy Prime Minister Challanged

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Angela has challenges the Deputy Prime Minister to come clean on Bus Passes

After a recent statement by the Deputy Prime Minister that pensioner bus passes should be means tested, Angela Smith wrote to Transport Minister and LibDem MP, Norman Baker, asking the government’s position on pensioner bus passes.

His response outlines a policy position that flatly contradicts that of his own Deputy Prime Minister.

Angela is now challenging Nick Clegg to come clean with pensioners over his views on free bus travel for pensioners.

In the letter, Mr Baker says it is Nick Clegg’s personal view that people who can afford to pay should, and that his comments referred to pensioners “who are clearly in a position where cost is not a vital factor in their travel arrangements and who, therefore, view the use of a bus pass simply as an additional travel option’.

Commenting Angela said,

“Nick Clegg clearly believes that free bus travel for pensioners needs to be means-tested, a position I believe is wrong. Sheffield MPs have worked hard in the past to establish the principle of free bus travel for the elderly and Sheffielders deserve to know whether or not Mr Clegg is prepared to defend the principle in future if necessary. The Deputy Prime Minister needs to make it clear whether or not he intends to accept current government thinking and drop his half-baked suggestion that would see so many pensioners lose out.