Penistone & Stocksbrisdge constituency

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Those of us with longer memories than we care to remember, know this new constituency is actually a remaking of the old Penistone constituency abolished at the 1983 General Election.
That seat was a bastion of Labour having been held by the party continually since the 1935 election.Famous MPs of the past include John Mendelson and Allan Mackay who became the MP for Barnsley West and Penistone after the disbanding of Penistone in 1983. For many the reforming of this old constituency has meant the re-joining of old friendships and old alliances.

 The character of the seat rural is quite rural in large parts with much being actually within the boundaries of the Peak National Park. The eastern fringe of the constituency where the majority of people live is the opposite being urban and stretches right in to the heart of Parson Cross in Sheffield and almost to the town centre of Barnsley.

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The electorate of around 68,000 elected its first MP at the 2010 general election. The successful candidate was Angela and therefore became the first MP for Penistone & Stocksbridge.









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