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Wind Farms

Many residents will be aware that an application for a windfarm  on Sheephouse Heights /Hunshelf bank has been submitted to Barnsley Council.

These turbines will be in the region of 400ft high, the height of Blackpool Tower, and will be seen quite clearly for a number of miles. On this proposal Angela is more than happy to receive people’s views contact angela by writing to her here  

Latest from Hunshelf Bank

Read Angela's two objection letters to the Barnsley Planning department regarding this application

October objections go here
Further update objection go here
A new group called Protect Sheephouse heights has been set up to fight proposals to construct wind turbines on the Barnsley/ Sheffield boarder. The website for the group can be found at

If you would like more information on the group or would to offer your support write to the secretary at the Owls Nest, Hunshelf Bank, Underbank Lane, Stocksbridge, Sheffield. Email them on

or call them on 0
114 283 8869

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News & Press Releases

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As well as my Speeches you can find my latest News and Press Releases here

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As well as my News you can find my latest
Views, Opinions and Speeches here

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View my Image Gallery for Public Engagements here

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